GS-Hydro Acquires First Hose Ltd in United Kingdom

GS-Hydro has signed an acquisition agreement with First Hose Ltd which is located in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. First Hose provides hoses for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea. First Hose will become a member of GS-Hydro and will take on the GS-Hydro brand in stages. This acquisition will strengathen GS-Hydro’s position as a supplier of the GS-Smart Care hose management system in the North Sea area, open up cross-selling opportunities to the respective customer base and further develop GS-Hydro’s offering within hoses.

GS-Hydro is a leading global supplier of non-welded piping solutions for use in primarily hydraulic applications with high demands on fast installation, cleanliness and minimal operational shutdowns. The products are used in the marine and offshore industries as well as in land-based segments such as the pulp and paper and metals industries. The company has approximately 700 employees in 17 countries with its head office in Espoo, Finland. GS-Smart Care is GS-Hydro’s hose management system and software.

First Hose Ltd was established in 1989 and it serves the North Sea oil and gas industry. First Hose Ltd provides its customers with offshore rig supply hoses, hydraulic hoses, instrumentation, adapters and fittings. The company operates from a fully integrated warehouse and workshop in Aberdeen where it assembles hoses from ¼”ID to 8” bore in various lengths, sizes, and working pressures.

With this acquisition GS-Hydro is looking forward to strengthening its GS-Smart Care services for its customers in the UK and the whole North Sea area. GS-Hydro is very impressed with First Hose’s business and technical capabilities. There are great future opportunities for the businesses together.

GS-Hydro UK has its headquarters in Sunderland and branches in Aberdeen, Grangemouth and Ossett. Read more on GS-Hydro website