Plicord® Potable Water Hardwall


Tough suction and discharge hose with bright yellow colour cover for the bulk transfer of potable water from supply vessels to offshore platforms and drilling rigs. Full FDA approval for use with drinking water.


Full food quality approval - Safe, non-toxic, non-tainting Pureten® white tube meets all FDA requirements.

Hardwearing cover - Exclusive Goodyear™ Versigard® cover is perfect for arduous rig supply application. Superb weathering properties combine with first class oil resistance to give full protection to this hose.

Strong - Designed with strength and durability as a main consideration. The helix, of high tensile steel wire, provides crush and kink resistance and maintains full vacuum under severe abuse. A minimum 5:1 safety factor between working and burst pressure is achieved from tough reinforcement of 4 ply textile.


Tube: White Pureten® (FDA approved)
Reinforcement: 4 ply textile and helix wire
Cover: Yellow Versigard® (wrapped finish)


No branding


18.3 mtr coils (available in other lengths up to max 120 mtr)


Long tail 'hookie-type' combination nipples screwed API

Order Codes



Code ID(ins) ID(mm) OD(mm) Lengths WP(psi) Weight
542443 3" 76 93.6 18.3 235 3.48
542443 4" 101.6 119.6 18.3 30.5 4.51