Avery Hardoll

Avery Hardoll Dry Break Coupling

First Hose is the official UK distributor for Avery Hardoll industrial couplings. The Avery Hardoll range of self-sealing couplings is used to disconnect flexible pipelines without causing spillage. They are available in aluminium, gunmetal and stainless steel with sizes ranging from 1.5” to 4”. A set consists of two halves, the hose unit (female half) normally found connected to the flexible hose and the tank unit (male half) normally connected to a fixed point i.e. a ship’s manifold.

The hose unit is opened by a rotational movement (clockwise 180 degrees) when hooked onto the tank unit. Both halves have a poppet valve which closes prior to the coupling being disconnected, thus providing a self-seal which prevents spillage.

The units are available with a variety of elastomers for a wide range of applications. The hose units have female thread connections while the tank units have an option of flanges or threads on most sizes.


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