Breakaway Couplings

First Hose’s anti-pollution breakaway couplings from KLAW are designed specifically to be installed within a bulk hose string. The marine coupling has an additional feature over the industrial type which provides increased resistance to bending moments and torsion forces which may be exerted upon the coupling and therefore provides premature activation.

The coupling is made up of two halves each with self-sealing poppets. When the break load studs are activated the poppets are moved through 90 degrees shutting off the flow of product. One hundred per cent shut off is achieved. Available is sizes from 1 ½” to 8” with threaded or flanged connections. Available materials are stainless steel, carbon and aluminium.

Breakaway Unit

Materials of Construction

Standard coupling housings are stainless steel. Other materials are available on request.

Pressure Ratings

2″ = 40 BAR (580 PSI)
3″ = 40 BAR (580 PSI)
4″ = 30 BAR (580 PSI)
5″ = 27 BAR (391 PSI)
6″ = 23 BAR (333 PSI)
8″ = 17 BAR (246 PSI)
Higher pressure and higher flow rates are available on request.

End Connections

NPT threaded male or female
BSP threaded tapered or parallel
Flanged connections (ANSI 150/PN16 ANSI 300/PN40)
Weld prepared ends (Schedule 40)
Hammer union fittings (Fig 100)
Other end connection configurations are also available on request.

Breaking Loads

Coupling break-loads can be varied to suit any particular application.