Rig Supply Hose Flotation Aid

The rig supply hose float is now an integral part of the UK Oil & Gas guidelines for safe management and transfer of products offshore. The hose floats are used to support part of the bulk hose that trails in the sea between the rig/platform and the supply vessel during transfer operations.

First Hose offers two types of floats - the conventional lace on type and the new "anti-slip" hard plastic one known as the Ratsey. The lace-on style floats have a net buoyancy of approximately 18kgs. The Ratsey has 40kgs of net buoyancy. Both floats are one meter in length. The Ratsey float has been designed to combat the slippage that can happen once the bulk hose has been hung up after use. The Ratsey style float has an internal fixing that grips the hose and is held in place with a bolting system rather than the lace up with cord.

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