Hydraulic Adapters

All adapters manufactured from steel BSEN10277: 3: 1999 230 MO7Pb.

B.S.P Adapter Dimensions   B & H Standards Compatible with ISO 8434-6/BS5200
B.S.P adapters DIN SPEC to DIN 3852 FORM A: 1991
B.S.P Parallel Threads to BSENISO228 - 1: 2003
N.C.B Threads to BSENISO228 - 1: 2003
B.S.P.T Threads to BSEN 10226 - 1: 2004
JIC & SAE Threads to B.S 1580
METRIC Threads to B.S 3643 Pt 2: 1981
NPTF Threads to ANSI B1 20.1: 1983
Electro Plating to FeZn/8/A ISO 4042
JIC Fittings to SAE J514 JUN 95 or ISO 8434-2:1994

The purchaser of these adapters must ensure that they are satisfactory for the use in which they are intended.

No responsibility can be accepted by the manufacturers if adapters are wrongly applied or incorrectly or inadequately fitted, i.e. torque values, pressure requirements, non-matching threads etc.

These goods may not be acceptable to M.O.D. requirements.

Design Working Pressure

Recommended pressure rating for adapters manufactured by Burnett & Hillman.